Installing NoraGO Application on LG Smart TV

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  • Installing NoraGO Application on LG Smart TV
    • Step 1. Finding NoraGO App
    • Step 2. Installing the application

To install the NoraGO application on Lg Smart TV, you must first install the webOS 2.0 operating system.

How Do I Set up NoraGO on LG Smart TV?

Step 1. Finding NoraGO App

Press the HOME button on the remote control, then press “LG Content Store”

LG Smart TV

Select the category APPS & GAMES
 LG Smart TV, select the category APPS & GAMES
Click the SORT & FILTER button, then select the Entertainment category.
LG Smart TV, select the Entertainment category
Using the arrows on the TV cable, find the NoraGO app.
LG Smart TV, NoraGO App

Step 2.  Installing the NoraGO App

Select the Install option.
LG Smart TV, NoraGO installing

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