Setplex continues to grow globally. Supporting that growth, Setplex has appointed a new Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Jack Scarr. 

Jack brings with him many years of experience crossing over diverse market sectors. His experience spans the whole buyer journey, from building brands and constructing diverse marketing teams, to lead generation, lead nurturing and business development. 

We recently caught up with Jack and discussed his reasons behind joining Setplex, the trends he’s witnessing, and his plans for 2024. 

Hi Jack, question one, what first attracted you to Setplex?

The Setplex origin story. That’s what grabbed my attention and sparked my imagination.

Starting out in 2006, two brothers embarked on a journey to redefine the way video was managed and consumed, with an absolute focus on delivering unparalleled UI/UX across all platforms. Within a couple of years, they were capturing satellite feeds of video content from overseas and delivering them via IP to set-top-boxes, catering to expats around the globe missing a taste of home. 

After witnessing the burgeoning growth in video consumption in 2013, the team got to work developing a custom-built platform to serve their needs as operators – the birth of the Setplex platform we know today. Fast forward to 2023 and Setplex is serving millions of consumers with thousands of live channels worldwide.

So Setplex was born out of an operator. Intimate understanding of operator needs is ingrained in our DNA. That’s truly distinctive. It’s a story I can’t wait to tell and be a part of its evolution. 

Jack, what trends are you paying attention to in the OTT/IPTV space right now?

There are many! The OTT/IPTV industry is poised for significant transformations as we rapidly approach 2024. 

Hyper-personalization is a key trend shaping the future of streaming, with the evolution of user interfaces, moving from static designs to dynamic experiences. Bundling and super aggregation will remain buzzwords, with operators strategically leveraging bundled streaming services to enhance consumer retention, tap into new audiences, and streamline content access for a more comprehensive user experience. The evolution of FAST will continue into a widely deployed strategy, integrating with linear TV to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Unsurprisingly, the integration of AI stands out as a transformative force, holding immense potential for content discovery and personalization, predictive analytics, and enhancing the overall user experience. It’s fascinating to think where we’ll be with AI in 12 months’ time. It’s a big topic here at Setplex and we have some hugely exciting feature innovations coming up next year.

As these and other trends in the OTT sector continue to rapidly evolve, our industry has exciting times ahead and Setplex will be leading the charge!

What’s in store for 2024?

An action-packed year! 

Our product team has some hugely exciting releases coming up, including the release of Nora 3.0. (our middleware and monetization platform). You’ll also hear about our expanded recommendation engine, an ARPU enhancing monetization product and a series of truly groundbreaking AI features which will shake up the industry. Stay tuned for those..!

From an industry event perspective, we’ll be exhibiting at NAB in Las Vegas in April, and then again at IBC in Amsterdam in September. Our team will also be attending multiple other industry events across the globe including Andina Link (Columbia), CABSAT (Dubai), Broadcast Asia (Singapore), Broadcast India (Mumbai) and InterBEE (Tokyo). Those events will be all about showcasing our latest tech offerings to the industry and connecting with industry partners.

My absolute priority is by the end of 2024, any operator, systems integrator or reseller in need of an OTT/IPTV solution, in any territory across the globe, has Setplex front of mind.

How has your experience in the industry led you to where you are today, and how do you believe it aligns with your expectations for Setplex? 

I’ve worked in several senior marketing and business development roles throughout the past 15 years across the technology sector, from entertainment technology, virtual production and production studios, to broadband and video solutions. That convergence of technology and entertainment is an exciting place to be and Setplex is at the heart of it. 

Setplex already stands out in a competitive marketplace. My expectation is to elevate that standing and establish Setplex as the go to OTT technology pioneer. Something our current customers already appreciate, and our future partners are about to find out.

Connect with Jack on Linkedin at 

Alena Puzanova

Alena is a copywriter and content writer at Setplex. Alena strives to explain complex concepts in simple words and create convincing content for B2B segment. She focuses on providing businesses with helpful information on the video streaming industry.


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