IPTV Content Monetization

Complete OTT/IPTV
Middleware Management

Nora is a complete OTT/IPTV middleware for delivering TV, VOD, Catchup, DVR and interactive service to customers in any IP-based network.

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IPTV Content Monetization


IPTV Content Monetization

Subscribers, Content, Billing, Products, Applications, Devices.


IPTV Content Monetization

Distribute content to any- -where in the world, on any major platform.


IPTV Content Monetization

Generate $ via subscriptions (SVOD), rentals (TVOD), pay per view (PPV) or ad-supported (AVOD) methods. 

IPTV Content Monetization


Backend Dashboard

Simple, centralized, and customizable. View and analyze data all in one space. Get insights into revenue, subscribers, successful content, and performance.

IPTV Content Monetization

Cloud Based

Cloud Based Solution

Our highly scalable, secure, distributed architecture requires no hardware investment, assuring high-performance, high availability, and quality of service.

On Premise

On Premise Solution

Built for enterprise environments where compliance and control are important (where data stays within network), our on-premise solutions can be deployed with your own infrastructure.

IPTV Content Monetization
IPTV Content Monetization


NORA Middleware supports multiple accounts within the same instance of the IPTV middleware, separating revenue, subscribers, content and separate branded apps.

IPTV Content Monetization

NORA heavily utilizes microservices architecture, to be resilient and withstand high loads. Powered by a customized Kubernetes platform it has its own intelligent algorithms which scales depending on load. Resilience is achieved by applying chaos stress testing techniques.

Restful APIs

NORA was written as API first and can drive experiences via API as well as integrating with third party systems and applications.

Subscription Management

You can manage subscriptions manually in the IPTV middleware or via API.

Content Management

Manage your Live TV channels and VOD assets via categories, subcategories, seasons and episodes.

Interactive TV

Smart Catchup, pause and rewind Live TV, Network DVR, and ElectronicProgram Guide (EPG)


NORA analytics provides deep insights into subscriber data, revenues, and content consumption. Exporting data to third party systems can also beenabled.

Unified Application Management

We are a market leader in multiscreen options. Your platform is limited by the devices it can reach. To grow your userbase, Setplex gets your IPTV/OTT app on all major stores—including smart TV—allowing consumers to access your service anywhere. Your content can be available on all major platforms.

IPTV Content Monetization IPTV Content Monetization IPTV Content Monetization IPTV Content Monetization
IPTV Content Monetization IPTV Content Monetization