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SetPlex CDN Software Solutions

CDN Solutions


Setplex provides fast connection to the internet with guaranteed bandwidth and high quality


High Quality Delivery

As a result, providers of high-quality content are looking to find a software solution for delivering that content to consumers that's high-quality, reliable and uninterrupted. That’s where Setplex comes in. Functionality coming with the IPTV encoders allows broadcasters and service providers to deliver multi-feature services in resolutions ranging from Standard Definition to Full HD 1080i/p.

CDN Solutions for IPTV Business


Speak to a CDN specialist today. Our team will answer all questions you may have about our CDN Solutions and IPTV infrastructure.

Reach your audience, anywhere in the world

Our CDN solutions are designed to reach audiences everywhere they go, expand to suit their changing needs, and develop unique solutions for ever-adapting situations to offer the highest level of pristine quality.

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Advanced Products for Media Delivery

Stream on any client device

As the market for instantly available online content grow exponentially, consumers and audiences all over the world are looking to obtain on-demand solutions for streaming video on any of their devices, wherever they are in the world.

CDN for IPTV Providers

Setplex goes above and beyond

Setplex goes above and beyond the services offered by other providers to bring your content to viewers in a way that will leave them completely satisfied with each and every experience.
CDN Streaming
We recognize that consumers judge brands on the way their content is delivered, so we take pride in being an industry-leader when it comes to reliability and consistent quality.