AVOD Monetization

Monetize your live TV channels and video on demand with dynamic, targeted video ads.


Key Features

AVOD Monetization

AVOD Support

Enable AVOD with Server Side AD Insertion (SSAI).

AVOD Platform

Live Commercial Replacement

Live TV Ad detection and replacement with SCTE insertion or VOD Playout.

AVOD System

SCTE Ad Insertion

Ad server, SSAI and SSPs to monetize video inventory with SCTE 35 support.

AVOD Platforms

Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

SSAI stitches video ads into the stream at run time, manipulating the video manifold, allowing us to dynamically insert ads on a per user level based on IP address, device and optimally based on content. Eliminate ad blockers and greatly increase monetization as the ad is stitched directly into the stream.

OTT Monetization

LIVE TV Ad Insertion

We fully support OTT monetization of LIVE TV via insertion of ads with SCTE 35 markers. If ads need to be replaced we can provide AI to detect ads/breaks, insert SCTE markers and stitch in ads.

OTT Platform Monetization


AVOD allows for hybrid business models where content can be introduced to new users without a committed subscription fee; monetizing with ads, with the ability to remove ads for users paying by subscription.

VOD Monetization

OTT monetization of video on demand can be processed with SCTE markers predefined or we can program ads based on pre-roll and mid-roll rules.

OTT Video Monetizaion

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