Why Setplex?

We are pioneers in the IPTV/OTT industry. With decades of experience, in an ever-evolving streaming industry, Setplex has always maintained its leadership in IPTV/OTT panel software. We continue to invest heavily in R&D to evolve our products, giving our customers a competitive edge. Our goal is to constantly innovate, delivering best-in-class software, with the highest quality user experience, and excellence in service and support. Our customers are our partners, and we work closely with you to create the best IPTV solution.

why setplex

End-To-End IPTV Solutions

We provide all the components to deliver a complete IPTV solution, including on-prem or on-cloud deployments.

Our solution includes:

  • Encoding/Transcoding
  • Content & User Management
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Ad Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Billing
  • Security
  • API Integration

We offer a full suite of applications, to support all the major app stores.

IPTV App solutions

IPTV Middleware

Nora middleware is a highly-intuitive administration interface designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Control all aspects of your IPTV/OTT platform from the dashboard, including:

  • Subscribers
  • Usage Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Reports & Payments
  • Interface Customization
  • And Much More

Utilizing microservices architecture with docker containers makes our software highly-scalable on demand.

Turnkey IPTV Middleware

User Interface / User Experience

User experience can often be more important than content to customers. Our solution delivers what consumers want, when they want it, and what they want to view it on, in a highly intuitive user interface that's exceptionally user-friendly.

We are constantly updating our UI to optimize user experience. You can also customize the user interface of your apps directly from our middleware.

UI/UX IPTV Solutions

Interactive Features

Our platform continues to evolve with new, interactive features, such as:

  • DVR
  • Favorites
  • Time Shifting
  • Reports & Payments
  • TV Series / Seasons / Episodes
  • Smart Catch-Up
  • Multiple User Profiles
  • And Much More
Setplex IPTV Platform


Setplex's real-time analytics reporting system puts you in control of your analytics. Get detailed insights into your content investment by understanding your customers' viewing habits.

We provide you insight on your customer data, subscription revenue, and content consumption, for both Live Streaming TV and VOD.

IPTV/OTT analytics reporting system

Partnership/Customer Service

We view our relationship with our clients as a true partnership, because we are always by your side. We work closely with you, enabling your IPTV business to scale. Our customer service is available 24/7.

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