More than just a Transcoder

IPTV Encoding or transcoding, streaming/catchup server, monetization and enabling server-side ad insertion (SSAI)

IPTV Transcoder
IPTV Encoder
Highly scalable, flexible,
and customizable.
IPTV streaming software
Encryption is made easy with
the Setrix on the fly package.
iptv encoder software
Supports Ad Insertion -
Detect SCTE-35 messages.
iptv server software
Scalable: Stream live, linear
content to any device.
iptv transcoder software
All-in-one server / automatic
recording of channels.
IPTV streaming Solutions

IPTV Encoder / Transcoder

IPTV Encoding and Decoding is our speciality; highly scalable, flexible, and customizable

High quality and density makes Setrix unique. Setrix is capable of capturing raw feeds from digital and analog inputs. Outputs include formats such as DASH/HLS. Upcoming support for CMAF.

iptv video transcoding
iptv broadcast software

Digital Rights Management

Encryption is made easy with the Setrix on the fly packager. Major DRM vendors are supported such as Widevine, Playready, Fairplay, and HLS AES. Pre Integrated with many different DRM hosted solutions like EzDRM, PallyCon & BuyDRM.

ott streaming platforms
streaming encoder software

Ad Insertion

Setrix can fully support server side ad insertion (SSAI)

Setrix can fully support server side ad insertion (SSAI). It is able to detect SCTE 35 markers in live linear tv stream and then output an HLS stream for dynamic ad insertion via third party SSAI server. Setplex can provide a turnkey solution including ad serving, dynamic pre-roll and mid-roll via SSAI for both LIVE TV and Video on Demand

iptv encoding
iptv transcoding

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)

Enabling ABR provides your internet audience with the best viewing experience regardless of their geographic location, network conditions, or preferred device.

setrix iptv encoder
setrix iptv transcoder

Multi-tenant Web UI Management

Setrix is managed from a simple Web User Interface with multi-user management
user rights: View / Create / Delete / Hide, and Troubleshooting Tools - such as Media Checker,
Speed Checker, Ping, and Diagnostic Checker.

setrix streaming software
vod streaming