We are proud and excited to announce the launch of Nora 3.0, the latest iteration of our future-proofed OTT middleware.

In the face of rapidly evolving consumer preferences and increasing competition, Nora 3.0 has been purpose-built to empower operators with unparalleled flexibility to manage, distribute and monetize their video service.

Launched today on the Setplex stand at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, Nora 3.0 encapsulates a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate the OTT experience for operators and viewers alike, ensuring a future-proof, seamless and enriched content delivery.

Introducing Nora 3.0

The cornerstone of Nora 3.0 is its flexible monetization capability. This allows operators to maximize revenues through hybrid combinations of SVOD, AVOD, TVOD (incl. PPV) and FAST models, catering to diverse market dynamics in different territories simultaneously. 

Beyond monetization, Nora 3.0 delivers both live and VOD streaming across multiple platforms and devices, complete with catch-up and rewind features, which significantly enhances content accessibility and viewer satisfaction. The platform’s sophisticated content management system drives content categorization and discovery, and enables the creation of revenue-boosting add-ons. This is supported by the integration of a shopping cart and subscriber portal ensuring a frictionless purchase experience.

Operators gain unprecedented control over streaming policies, bolstered by top-tier content protection measures, including DRM and geoblocking, to effectively counteract piracy. While limitless brand customization and targeted notifications keep viewers engaged and returning.

At its core, Nora 3.0’s use of microservice architecture ensures scalability and resilience, while its multi-tenant model drives efficiency. Operators have the flexibility to choose between cloud-based and on-premise deployments and the unveiling of a user-friendly dark theme UI modernizes the user experience and prioritizes visual comfort and readability.

Rounding off the middleware’s operator-centricity, Nora 3.0 introduces several OpEx-saving features, from advanced subscription management, CRM and billing enhancements, offering a middleware-as-a-service model that is both innovative and cost-effective.

“The launch of Nora 3.0 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our ecosystem”, says Co-Founder and CEO, Lionel Dreshaj.

“What makes Setplex unique is we’re operators ourselves. We know the pain points of our customers because we’ve lived and breathed them, and come out the other side. We developed Nora 3.0 as a direct result of those experiences; it’s purpose-built to boost operator’s profitability and efficiency.” 

“We are already upgrading existing customers to Nora 3.0, underscoring our commitment to advancing together as we innovate. Our Nora middleware is not a solution where operators buy version 3.0 and are stuck with it for a decade. That’s not how we operate. We continuously add new features and upgrade customers to new versions as part of the deal. It’s a future-proof partnership. That’s the value Setplex delivers.”

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