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Custom Interface

If you are an aspirant of the IPTV business and you are looking for someone who could help you with it, then look no further because now you’ve got Setplex at your side.

Setplex is a committed IPTV/OTT solutions provider with experience spanning several years.

The superior customer experience is the key to take your IPTV business to profitable heights, and this is why we are striving hard every day to create innovations that could lead us towards satisfaction, not only for ourselves but also for IPTV savvy customers.

To provide just that, we have all the requisite tools to provide you with an IPTV UI (user interface) that speaks volumes of its attractiveness and the ease with which it can be operated.

Before we can plunge into our services regarding customization, we should first acknowledge the need to customize the interface to your liking.customer interfaces by Setplex

Your brand is introduced through the interface

IPTV is the future of the television experience. Knowing this, each day more and more telecommunication experts are converging on this technology. This is because it bears benefits both for businesses and customers.

To channel those benefits perfectly, you need to create your own IPTV interface that shows your brand. Every customer lurks for uniqueness, and you can stand out if your IPTV interface shows what you are.

Through artistic customization, your brand can easily make its way into the homes of the customers.

IPTV custom interface does not only mean changing the interface for yourself, but it also means changing it for a better user experience. For convenience that would bring you brand loyalties.

What does Setplex offer to design custom interface IPTV?

As mentioned before, we at Setplex let you the freedom of shining your way through the interface IPTV which we customize for you according to your colors and needs.

1. We customize all parts of the STB interface

STB interface is something that needs attention. We know this by observing the growing demands in the IPTV industry.

Whether it is the Main Menu, the Channel List, or any other part of the user interface, we can change it to your liking.

Through our services, you can change the look of the Main Menu, background colors, icons, etc.

2. We also customize all parts of the IPTV Apps

The applications that are available for Android, as well as iPhone and Smart TV, are also customizable. It means that you can create your own IPTV app that offer great exposure to your service to the customers as now people are becoming increasingly engaged in viewing the IPTV system through devices that can run Android or iOS.

Having stated this, let’s see how we customize IPTV UI:

Main Menu

The main menus are changed according to your liking. This includes your logo, the background color, TV icon, on demand icon, catch up icon, YouTube, games, EPG, and settings/speed test.

Video On Demand

The video on demand interface can be tweaked by changing the logo design, overall colors, trailer placements, cover placement, and the information of the video.


We can customize the way you can communicate with your customers through notifications. You will be able to control all the messages and also filter these messages according to the packages, names, dates, and subscriber types.

Through these customizations, you will be able to reap the full benefits of your IPTV business.

Customizing your customer experience


Our creative team will sketch up a free IPTV design concept to match your branding.

Let’s Talk

Read More of Our 9-Part Series
  1. How to Start Your Own IPTV Business
  2. IPTV Middleware
  3. Setrix​ ​Media​ ​Player
  4. ​Applications​ ​for​ ​Smart​ ​TV
  5. ​Tablet​ ​and​ ​Phone​ ​Applications
  6. Set​ ​Top​ ​Box (STB)
  7. Content Delivery Network
  8. (step 8: this article)
  9. ​Support​ ​and​ ​Launch

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