Founded nearly twenty years ago, Artmotion is the single largest internet provider in Kosovo, delivering both internet and cable TV service. Their advanced network allows subscribers to connect to the internet via fiber optic, coaxial and microwave transmissions anywhere in the country.

In 2018, Artmotion needed to launch a new television streaming platform in order to serve multicast customers while also offering OTT channels. Artmotion turned to Setplex to launch their new service. Artmotion is one of only 4 licensed operators for international KOS-IX nodes, and it’s also licensed by RAEPC and IMC to provide internet, cable and IPTV services. Their current lineup includes content from NBCUniversal, Sony, Viacom, and Warner Bros.

As Artmotion has evolved, they have continued to provide audiences a top-notch user experience that matches their quality content offerings. Across any device, Artmotion’s audience can enjoy live TV, VOD, and catch-up spanning 140 channels (with a majority in HD).

Click here for more details about how Setplex worked with Artmotion.

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