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Not everyone is sold on IPTV…yet. A lot of people feel that watching shows and movies on their traditional terrestrial or cable television is good enough for what they need. Once people experience IPTV, though, there are so many advantages that consumers are unlikely to return to traditional media delivery methods. So what are the big advantages for consumers when it comes to internet protocol television? Here are five of them that content creators and consumers should both know about.

Why Consumers Should Switch to IPTV


One of the biggest advantages of IPTV over cable is that you can access content when you want to watch it. You aren’t tied to a television schedule or have to wait for a new episode to air on a particular night of the week. With IPTV, most media is on-demand (you’ll have access to live television, as well) so you can start the next episode of your favorite show when you are ready for it, whether that’s with your morning coffee or late at night after you’ve been out on the town. It’s ready when you are, making it more convenient than ever.


It used to be you could only consume television shows on your television. That’s no longer the case. Media can be streamed on your television along with your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and a multitude of other devices. So not only is it more convenient because you can start your shows whenever you want, you can watch them virtually wherever you want as well. Catch up on the latest episode on the train into work or watch the latest blockbuster while waiting for your appointment at the dentist.


Your media programming is no longer dependant on what the networks want you to see. Now you can be the master of your own media programming, pulling in content from live television, on-demand movies, catch-up television episodes, radio, podcasts, along with apps and websites. It’s easy to customize programming to your needs and interests for a media experience that’s tailored to you and only you.


Cable companies used to be able to force you into their long, expensive contracts because they had the shows that you wanted. If you didn’t sign for the contract, you ended up with whatever channels you could get over-the-air on your antenna for free. That usually led to missing out on the latest and greatest shows. But with IPTV, you can often get the shows that you want for less expense and without signing long term contracts. Some systems allow you to pay for the particular channels that you want or to purchase shows or movies on an as-wanted basis. You may even find monthly payment options that give you full access without the long contracts, so you can cancel when it’s convenient. That means media is more customizable and higher quality without the higher price tag.


Internet protocol television allows you to bring media from around the world into your home. You can enjoy television from the BBC even though you live in the United States. Or maybe you want to catch the latest must-see-TV from the States even though you like in Germany. Wherever you are and whatever you want to watch, IPTV has opened up global entertainment options. And thanks to CDNs that gap the bridge between the origin server and the end user, content isn’t slowed down no matter where you are and what you want to watch.

Ready to Make the Switch to IPTV?

Internet protocol television is less expensive and offers more options and customization for the consumer. If you haven’t tried IPTV, it’s time to try it and experience its superiority to traditional television. Start by finding a reputable IPTV service with a high-quality, set-top box, IPTV software, and a strong content delivery network for the best quality at the highest speeds. We recommend SetPlex. It’s a complete A-to-Z solution for bringing internet television into your home. Learn more on our website and unlock IPTV now.


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5 Advantages for IPTV Consumers

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