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IPTV Set Top Box Revolution

If you have been following the IPTV industry of late you might have noticed a huge frenzy related to something known as Set Top Box.

The set top box is currently the best IPTV device in the market. With its great functionalities, unmatched service, and its unique design, the set top box has been making waves in the IPTV industry ever since it was released. It is without a doubt the quintessential IPTV device in the market currently, winning a slew of awards as it leaves its competition in the dust.

Setplex develops and manufactures Set Top Boxes and IPTV Software Middleware, under the “Setplex SP-110” brand. Setplex’s set top box is one of the best varieties in the market. Not only does it have the common functions of a regular set top box, but it also has a plethora of added functionalities as well. All Set Top Boxes are a cross-functional solution that help you quickly organize your business of providing interactive television services. Setplex SP-110 devices stand out because of cost effectiveness and reliability.

Set Top Box

Here is a look at just why our set top box is so unique:


Considering the fact that the modern era is all about breaking stereotypes and labels, our set top box is not really a box. Instead, it has a round design. The design, as fantastic as it looks, isn’t just to look different. In fact, the design supports a number of key elements that we offer with our set top box.

Broadcom Chip

Our set top box utilizes the very best technology. Therefore, it has a Broadcom chip inside that makes sure that it does not run on something that could be possibly defective. Only the very best materials go into making Setplex’s Set Top Box.

In-built Wifi

Wifi access is a key element for nearly every single electronic accessory in the current market. Keeping that in mind, Setplex’s set top box has in-built Wifi capability that allows you to access everything you might need at dazzling speeds.

Fast Channel Switching

Often, many services take ages to shift between channels. The wait can be particularly annoying when you want to watch something abruptly or feel it’s necessary to do so immediately. This is where Setplex’s set top box comes in. Set top box allows channel switching at a far greater speed than what you get on satellite or cable.

Powered by Nora Middleware

The best set top box in IPTV industry needs to have the best software. That is where Nora Middleware comes into play. Setplex’s set top box utilizes Nora’s highly advanced software to craft something brilliant for all customers.


With Setplex’s set top box, you can either get live transmissions, or you can choose to select your own personalized library. It offers a lot of personalization in order for you to make the best of your day with set top box.

Parental Guidance

Set top box comes with a parental lock, and a kid’s customization option as well. Your children can no longer find objectionable and inappropriate viewing material from cable.

With such huge benefits, Setplex’s set top box is the perfect IPTV device for anyone.

For more information on set top box, be sure to visit Setplex website.

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