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Client Reporting with Setplex: Getting All the Information on the Go!

3 Main Reasons Why Client Reporting System is Important.

Client analytics are of immense importance to many business owners.

There are some helpful client analytics and reporting tools available to help iptv providers, broadcasters or IPTV business owners.

Choosing the right IPTV Middleware Software can save your money, time and build a sustainable IPTV business plan.

Businesses want to be up to date with their clientele in order to assess the position of their business.

This information can be crucial for IPTV businesses that are just starting out. Client reporting and analytics can often be quite the hassle as it requires intensive probing and digging around.

The firm with the best and most advanced client reporting system in the market is Setplex.

Setplex has built a thorough analytics system that gathers information based on a number of preset filters.

Furthermore, the packed and sorted data can be shipped off to the business owners at any time of the day. It is a comprehensive system that includes nearly all of the information related to the clients. Their expiry date, past purchases, join date, is all stored by the client analytics system offered by Setplex.

Setplex’s analytics are of great use in marketing techniques and it has the following information as well:

– Subscriber Information

Setplex’s client reporting offers a thorough report on subscription action. This includes people who have subscribed to the service in the last day or so.

Furthermore, there is also information related to disabled subscribers and enabled ones as well. There are sections specifically related to disabled subscribers and enabled ones, along with information about the balance and the statistics of them combined.

This information is arranged along with dates and time, offering the business knowledge of how their clientele reacts towards them on certain days. This can be of great use to find out customer reactions to certain offers that the service might have up. It basically lets businesses find out about the effect of their marketing techniques, and their success among the clients and the subscribers.

– Filtering Customer List

After gathering customer information, our client reporting also filters it as well. The list is filtered based on IP location as well as their account details. Other than old customer information, the list is also divided based on subscription dates and other parameters that let a business know when they might have had a surge of subscribers.

Once more, it is important for ascertaining the success of marketing techniques along with finding out the demographic.

– Devices

Another key aspect of Setplex’s client reporting is the information about devices.

Many devices are linked to a business’ service, but they are not always active. Hence, marketing towards inactive devices can be a loss of marketing budget.

To save you from that trouble, Setplex offers a thorough list of both active and inactive devices that are attached to your service or business. With this information, you can market towards the appropriate clientele, the one that not only has their devices active, but are also responsive towards your marketing strategies.


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