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Webinar Overview: The Challenges and Benefits of Replacing Your Legacy IPTV/OTT Platform

Does your organization feel stuck with a legacy system that is not up to date with the latest features? Or is your internal dev team way behind in fixing major bugs on apps? Are you losing customers because your UX (user experience) is poor? We surveyed 300 organizations and got their views on these issues and are sharing the results. There are ways to leverage your current infrastructure and easily migrate to a new solution.

Find out what Dan Rayburn uncovered in a survey of OTTs, broadcasters, content owners and MVPDs. Joining Dan to discuss these findings are Lionel Dreshaj, Co-Founder at Setplex, and Marc Mulgrum, Senior Vice President of Sales at Setplex.

The challenges and benefits of replacing your legacy IPTV/OTT platform


Download Webinar Presentation Slides | Watch the Full Webinar Video Recording


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