Fibranet Argentina looked to Setplex to provide an end to end solution for OTT video.

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Fibranet Argentina is a telecommunications company with more than 17 years of work in the region, growing and investing since its beginning.

They bet on small localities in the region and in the area, generating connection, implementation, entrepreneurship and encouraging the initiation of new projects through new Internet services, Cable and Digital Video HD.

Our company integrates the locations of Roldán, San Jerónimo Sud, Ibarlucea, Ricardone, Luis Palacios, Lucio V. Lopez, Aldao and recently Andino creating unity and social commitment with the inhabitants, the communities and the families.

Fibranet Argentina looked to Setplex to provide an end to end solution for OTT video.


Fibranet Argentina needed to acquire live channels from satellite, downlink the channels, encode and transcode, and distribute content “over the top” with applications.


The solution required the downlink of live channels to a Teleport, with Setplex providing a complete solution for encoding and transcoding the live channels.

We deployed servers on prem that enabled Fibranet to decode the satellite feeds and output to HDMI connections where our in house developed transcoders, encoded the feeds, and output to adaptive bitrate HLS for streaming.

We then pushed those streams to Akamai, our global CDN partner.

Fibranet also wanted subscribers to be able to pause live TV as well as go back and watch shows they missed. Setplex implemented smart catchup that records live TV for 14 days and enables users to go back and watch shows, or pause the live broadcast to grab a beer and not miss any of the action.

Nora, our cloud based middleware, enabled Fibranet to integrate their CRM for billing to subscribers, creation of packages, pricing and device management to manage the whole process.

Setplex deployed our NoraGO cross platform applications to watch on Android, Apple, mobile devices as well as Apple TV and Amazon Fire. We also enabled SmartTV applications on LG and Samsung as well as desktop apps.

Finally, Setplex has a robust analytics platform to provide Fibranet with detailed analytics on usage, revenue and content consumption.