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Technology reporting is highly useful for broadcasters.

It’s a great tool for finding out analytics that consist of service status and the functioning of the service as well.

Technology reporting is especially useful for firms running IPTV systems since these systems require internet access and have to do with bandwidth and bit rate.

Often, you need to hire a professional service to help check on your systems and give a full report of the functioning of the IPTV systems. However, Setplex is different from the rest as it offers its customers full technology reporting. Setplex’s technology reporting is directly aimed at broadcasters and allows customers to get a clear idea of all channels and video on demand (abbr. VOD) as well.

Setplex’s comprehensive technology reporting includes:

  • Detailed Reporting

Our reporting consists of everything from graphs, data, and text.

It is a comprehensive report on everything that your channels experience. The traffic, communication faults, and all other aspects related to broadcasting.

  • Daily Quick Summaries

A summary on your broadcast is offered every single day. These summaries are shorter than the comprehensive technology reports, but they do help in giving a clear day to day knowledge of your channels and all your other services.

  • Streams

Our reports have an entire section related to streaming information.

This includes reporting on both total catch up stream and live streams as well.

The streaming section has in depth details of all streaming traffic, especially the live stream traffic.

There are graphs detailing the time spent on live stream as well as the total view count of the live streams. IPTV systems are of immense use in live streams because of the great speeds, and having this information can help broadcasters assess their streaming service and any faults it might have.

  • VOD

Video on Demand is another very popular service that is related with IPTV systems. It is increasing in popularity by the day. Video on demand is another service that is integrated with the basic functionalities of IPTV systems, and just like streams, are complemented by them.

Hence VOD can be of immense importance to broadcaster utilizing IPTV systems and the data collected by Setplex’s thorough technology reports can be helpful as well.

  • Statistics

Lastly, Setplex’s technology reports have a major section on the statistics of the broadcaster.

This includes popular channels that are sorted based on both viewership and the time spent on them. There are other statistics offered as well that include major traffic hours and demographic information as well.

With Setplex’s reports, broadcasters can be able to find out all the statistics related to their services, without having to expend their own efforts or hire another service.

Setplex personally takes care of all the hassle and provides a thorough report on the success, or lack of success, of the broadcaster.

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Setplex’s technology reporting

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