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What Does the Future Hold for OTT ?

As many of you are probably aware, the world of media is changing. When many of us think back to our childhood we can collectively reminisce about the television shows that we watched and the good times spent with friends and family huddled around a television during a particularly interesting broadcast.

However, this once ubiquitous part of childhood is slowly eroding. Nowadays, you are more likely to hear kids talk about their favorite Youtube channel, or see children crowded around an iPad streaming their favorite content through Netflix Hulu.

What is OTT Application ? Over the top applications, apps which are used via the internet to deliver content or services but are not directly controlled by an Internet Service Provider (ISP)  or traditional media company, have quickly become a part of most people’s life. In today’s post, we are going to go over how OTT applications are changing the structure of media content delivery and what effect this will have for the future media.

OTT is About Freedom, Choice, and Consumer Demand

OTT applications can be directly traced to the rise of broadband internet. As internet speeds increased, media companies quickly realized that they could offer their content on the internet for their customers to enjoy. As this became more widespread, consumers began to expect that they would be able to watch their favorite shows online.

While this method of content delivery worked out well for the major networks (after all, they were still the ones controlling the content), it soon became apparent that this new form of content consumption was leading to something bigger. Enter Netflix. While Netflix had been around for years, providing customers with DVDs through the mail, it wasn’t until they started offering streaming televisions and movies that the company really hit its stride.

People realized, many for the first time, that they did not have to rely on cable or satellite to watch their favorite television shows. For less than $15 a month, consumers could access a wide variety of shows and movies and, more importantly, they could access them anywhere there was an internet connection.

No longer shackled by the chains of the major content tv providers, consumers quickly adopted this new method of media consumption and, as we all know, caused one of the biggest disruptions that traditional media has ever encountered.

The Future of OTT is in Personalization

Here at Setplex, we believe that the future of over-the-top applications lies in the level of personalization a consumer can come to expect from said app. For example, those who are familiar with Netflix are well aware that Netflix uses viewing data to provide suggestions for other shows a customer may like.

This viewing data comes from many sources including type of shows watched, time of day the shows are watched, what device the customer is watching the show on, and a wide range of other extremely specific data. By combining all of this data, Netflix has gotten shockingly adept at predicting television shows and movies that users may enjoy.

While this ability to use data in predicting a customer’s tastes is unsettling for some, it is the feature that is going to dominate the OTT field in the coming years. Because OTT applications are most often attributed to a specific user or set of users, they are able to better personalize themselves to a user’s specific preferences.

While this is a feature that cable and satellite have been trying to introduce for years, they lacked the necessary data to pull it off. All of the Nielsen ratings in the world cannot compare to the personalized data that Over The Top apps gather every single day.

While we cannot predict the future, we here at Setplex are more than confident that OTT applications, and IPTV by proxy, are set to be the most disruptive force that media content providers have ever had to face. For decades, the major cable and satellite providers were able to regulate and control the way that media was consumed by the vast majority of people. IPTV and OTT applications have weakened this control and shown consumers that their is a different way.

To learn more, check out our blog or visit our website today. At Setplex we are dedicated to providing the best IPTV solutions available and providing both consumers and creators with the ability to take advantage of  Top OTT applications.

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