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Increase Your Live Stream Viewership

If you are looking to expand your business through live streaming, increasing viewership is key. Some people may assume viewers will flock to them by just streaming their content and walking away, but it is never that easy. The success of effective live streaming requires skills and knowledge.

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1. The Value of Video

Let’s take a quick look at why you would use video for business:

  • A potential to reach a BIG audience, anywhere
  • Live interaction of viewers and broadcasters
  • Business conferences, live events, education, training, and more

Live streaming is ideal for things that require live participation.

2. Boost You Content Performance

The following are some of the key factors you that can help you improve your content and boost your performance:

Go with a professional platform

There are free streaming platforms out there, but they suffer from a few things:

  • No white labeling
  • Security is weak
  • No SEO
  • Ads

Using a professional platform bypasses all of these issues.


IPTV transcodingTranscoding, meaning recording different quality levels of video, helps users pick the one that is best for them (they could have a slow connection). Video transcoding results in low bounce rates, happy viewers, and higher number of video completions.

Provide rewind for live streams

Rewind enables late-comers to “catchup” and makes it easy for viewers to re-watch their preferred video.

Record live streams

Recording live streams can help maximize the performance of your video – it helps to reach people who missed the live streaming.

Fast connection

Fast internet speed enables you to stream in high quality.


Even with a smartphone, you can record a decent video. But testing and setup are key. Consider both audio and video channels when testing.

Video SEO

Use effective video SEO techniques to help rank your video higher on search engines.

3. Get More Eyeballs

Here are some methods to help you increase live stream viewership:

Promote the stream before broadcasting

It is important to generate some excitement before broadcasting. This implies social media marketing, sending blast emails, and promoting on your website.

You may encourage people to preregister for the stream as a method of capturing leads. Once you have that preregistration, you can use a live countdown or send reminders before live streaming.

Create captivating titles and descriptions

Descriptions and titles are often the first thing a user sees when viewing video – make it count.

How? Create a few titles, and make sure they’re under 70 characters – thrift is key. Have an email list? Run the titles against one another (in the subject line) and see which pulls better.

The description (basically a summary of the video) can be much longer, about 400-500 words. Be sure to use keywords related to the video.


Content teasers are effective. Break up your video into small “sharable” bits of video (or static imagery if needed) and release on all your channels, especially social media (remember to use hashtags). Teasers should also include the date and time of the live stream.

Reward viewers

You have to ensure that your content is valuable, sure. But there are other ways to reward viewers. Rewarded viewers often lead to more viewers. Offer something valuable, such as:

  • Giveaways
  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Exclusive information

Take things slowly (long live streams)

Attention spans are interesting things. Often you want to create something engaging but not too long. But the longer the live stream, the more the chances of more people joining you – if you slow down and take your time to unfold content.

video hosting

4. Video Hosting

Did you know that there are hosting services specifically for video? They provide great tools ‘under one roof.’ This includes video hosting, live streaming, monetization, analytics, access restrictions and security, embedding, among others. Setplex is one such platform. More complex functions like splicing pre-recorded content into live streams are often possible as well.

Setplex is one of the 10 Top Most Popular Video Streaming Software  according to SoftwareWorld

Video Streaming Software

Interested in our services? Learn more about NoraGO and SetplexSetplex IPTV and OTT

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