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Setplex cares about all customers in equal measure. Unlike numerous other firms, there is no distinction among customers for Setplex.

Every single customer gets the same aftercare service, regardless of how much business they brought. There are no tiers and limits at Setplex.

Every single customer’s satisfaction is the belief all of our employees carry with them.

In fact, all of our customers get the same professional service and technical support from our pool of professionals, all of whom are the best and most trained in the entire business.

Setplex takes aftercare services with the utmost seriousness and sincerity, and thus offers the following services for our customers:

Ticketing Service

The ticketing method is basically our main method of customer contact.

Ticketing support systems are the most advanced support methods currently in use by professionals. This service turns all support requests into tickets that end up going to the engineers and technical staff, along with necessary information.

With the ticketing support system, Setplex ensures that customer request are transferred to appropriate staff as quickly as possible, so that customers can obtain support as quickly as possible.

Round the Clock Service

Our staff is available for customers throughout the year. All customers have the right and ability to contact Setplex at any hour of the day throughout the year.

Our 24/7/365 service allows us to dispatch engineers and technical staff at any time of the year, with glaring speed.

The immense speed and thoroughness of our service, along with the fact that it’s available throughout the year, makes sure that all of Setplex’s customers are satisfied.

Full Analysis

Our highly trained professionals are complemented by the best technology in the market.

The equipment we use is most adept at finding any and all errors in your installed systems. Furthermore, Setplex offers an advanced error notification system.

The notification system provides constant audio and visual error analysis for customers. Any decryption faults, faulty bandwidth, and interference are quickly tracked by the real time notification system, providing you with total knowledge of your system with each passing moment.

Fault Correction

Setplex offers a unique fault management system that lets customers know about basic faults that might be occurring, and the steps that can be taken to fix the issues.

With this unique system, you can be aware of any faults that are occuring, and clear them up before the customers even realize what is wrong.

Of course, our staff is available for consultancy and help throughout the day, and can be called upon in case the faults cannot be cleared by the management system.

Check Setplex website for more information.

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