Many companies struggle with video content delivery. How do you reduce costs, improve performance, and optimize your network so that you can maintain a high quality of service (QOS) for your end users?

There are several products in the market that allow you to build your own local CDN (content delivery network) to affect cost, performance, and QOS.  Add Streampool to that list.

In addition;

  • Streampool can also act as an origin server, protecting your transcoders and allowing you to scale up.
  • Streampool can also act as a caching solution, load balancing high demand VOD content or live content that you want to reduce the load on origin servers.

A typical CDN is usually global and includes multiple servers that can deliver any kind of content to users around the world. But that can often mean a given CDN is serving every kind of content. That may result in one CDN client’s content generating a load imbalance on shared servers that results in other clients not always getting the optimum performance for their own content.

Streampool is Setplex’s in-house CDN, focused solely on delivering video, whether it’s live or VOD. Streampool can receive HLS, DASH, or CMAF streams, and consists of spots (or clusters) containing pools with streams.  And each pool can have individual settings for ingestion (such as push, pull, or packaging) and delivery.

Streampool cluster management interface

Setplex can deploy individual Streampool spots for clients so that the edge servers are located as close as physically possible to end users. Our smart load-balancing mechanism enables seamless traffic distribution between spots based on user location (the closest spot) and performance (the least loaded spot). Streampool is also deeply integrated with SetrixTM an encoding/transcoding option that many of our clients already use.  The native integration between Streampool and Setrix eliminates the challenges and labor of integrating a 3rd-party CDN.

Streampool features include:

  • Origin server capability
  • High scalability, handling increased loads, and adapting to decreased loads to save resources (i.e., load balancing capability)
  • Content protection, with token-based authentication, geo-blocking, and ACL (access control lists)
  • Automatic catch-up functionality and time-shift creation
  • Ingestion and delivery of live streams and VOD in HLS, DASH, or CMAF

Sproot is the Streampool management console, providing you with full control of the configuration, monitoring, and reporting for all your spots.

And, of course, with Streampool, you’ll receive access to detailed, real-time statistics such as number of streams, traffic, errors, and number of viewers, in order to manage your business.

Want to learn more about why Setplex’s custom CDN powered by Streampool is quickly becoming a favorite of growing content and video providers? Reach out, and we can help you learn why Streampool is right for you.

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