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We have just redesigned our Nora Middleware interface with an even simpler, streamlined design. At-a-glance statistics put you in control.
Nora Middleware InterfaceImage 1: Dashboard.


Nora Interface - Packages

Image 2: Packages.


Nora Interface - Subscribers
Image 3:


Nora Interface - TV Channels

Image 4: TV Channels.


Nora Interface - Radio Channels

Image 5: Radio Channels.


Nora Interface - General Settings

Image 6: General Settings.


Image 7: Video on Demand

Image 7: Video On Demand / VOD.


Nora Interface - Add TV Channel

Image 8: Add TV Channel


Nora Interface - Subscribers General Info

Image 9: Subscribers General Info


Nora Interface - Add Package

Image 10: Add Package


 Nora Middleware LogoLearn more about Nora Middleware


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