MaxBet TV rolls out Ad supported and subscription based entertainment content for both live and VOD

Maxbet Monetization

MaxBet TV is the Ultimate Gaming Network.

MaxBet TV is focused on delivering a full gambling-centric entertainment experience that you can watch anywhere.

We feature influencers and personalities from around the world concentrated in exciting areas such as – sports betting, e-sports, slot machine wagering, table game wagering, live music, culinary talent and much more!

Whether watching live, or on demand, you will find entertaining content to fuel your passion. Let’s roll!

MaxBet TV rolls out Ad supported and subscription based entertainment content for both live and VOD


Provide MaxBet TV with an end to end OTT solution for both live and VOD that is both ad supported (AVOD) and subscription based (SVOD).


Setplex deployed a hybrid model AVOD/SVOD solution to monetize content via subscriptions as well as with pre-roll and mid-roll ads.

Utilizing the latest dynamic ad serving technology, each user can be delivered targeted pre-roll and mid-roll ads.

Our ad serving solution enables “waterfall” monetization where MaxBet TV can traffic their own ads/sponsorships as well as monetize inventory via SSPs or programmatic advertising.

Live linear TV channels utilize SCTE-35 markers baked into the live stream that tell our ad server to request ads based on the device and location.

SSAI (server side ad insertion) stitches the ads into the live stream on the server side to avoid ad blockers.

Setplex is providing a global content delivery network to support a great Hi Def user experience to users around the world.

Subscribers can choose to watch ads or pay a monthly subscription fee to remove the ads.

Subscribers can watch content on their favorite mobile device.

Our new apps home page allows for a custom branded experience. MaxBet TV can run promotions on the home page, to click to buy products or watch a movie, tv show or publish any image and click to a web page.

MaxBet TV receives real time analytics about revenue generated from ads and subscriptions, as well as detailed analytics about user consumption, user behavior, quality of experience, and quality of service.